Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) is an organization of industry-leading companies in the semiconductor, electronic systems and EDA tool industries. We are focused on improving productivity and reducing cost in creating and producing integrated silicon systems. We believe that through collaborative efforts, the industry can achieve higher levels of systems-on-silicon integration while reducing the cost and complexity of integrating future design systems.

Powerful economic and market forces are fueling demand for rapid integration and delivery of single chip solutions in a multi-vendor environment. Si2 is uniquely positioned to enable collaboration through a strong, implementation focus driven by its member companies.


Si2 is currently organizing a Low-Power Coalition (LPC), including aligned supply chain interests, convergence strategy for unified results, 5-month project plan, and a detailed business plan. The LPC is being developed through detailed Si2 alignments among more than 15 companies, predominately consisting of end users. Si2 is uniquely positioned to focus on complete flows with semantic data consistency, to ensure adoption success by users.


The Korea government is concentrating its effort on System on Chip (SoC) engine design and process development in order to secure global leadership. On top of that, the government is promoting a SoC differentiation research groundwork construction project in order to build SoC design platform for the sake of high valueadded non memory SoC design technology's base enlargement which depends on technology introduction from advanced countries.

Accordingly in preparation for the post-DRAM era, the Consortium of Semiconductor Advanced Research has been launched in 1986 and has embarked 7 great tasks from 2004 through 2006 such as system IC for Smart-Car, system IC for Telemetrics, Giga notch PRAM, Deep via 3D package development, and GPS/Galileo complex system IC.