Power & Area Estimation

Ventus is a simple but accurate power and area estimation tool of system-on-a-chip (SOC) design in micro-architecture level. At the early stage of system-on-chip (SOC) design, many unknown design parameters make it difficult to estimate the power consumption and area of the chip accurately. Ventus begins with specifying a system-level specification of a SOC design, which includes the information of process technology, number of IO pins with pad assignment, clock/power domains, and identification of the macro blocks such as hard/soft macros and memory. Most of this information is derived from previous project or defined in the design specification. Ventus estimates the power consumption with built-in static power estimator and estimate the area with interactive floorplanner.


  • Scenario based peak power estimation
  • Interactive floorplanning
  • Floorplan aware area etimation
  • Yield estimation
  • Rapid what-if analysis
  • Design comparison
  • Estimation report generation & viewer


  • Floorplan aware power and area estimation
  • Process aware peak power estimation
  • Predict and prevent layout design problems
  • Compare the variations caused by different process technology
  • Rapid what-if analysis