Optimal Power Pad Configuration

PadOptima is an optimal pad configuration solution to find optimum number and location of power pads to minimize painful and time-consuming design iteration. It prevents the excessive voltage drop in core area and the excessive simultaneous output switching noise in signal IO pad area in early design stage. It also supports post-layout chip-to-package connectivity verification with package interface information.

Key Features

  • IO power pad optimization
  • Analysis on the number of required power pad to suppress SSN
  • Efficient creation and validation of power net connectivity for IO pads
  • Package and PCB aware dynamic SSN simulation
  • Core power pad optimization
  • Optimization of the number and location of core power pad to meet target IR-drop
  • Preparation of package design interface information

  • RDL feasibility analysis
  • Recognition of the predefined bump pads as routing obstacles
  • ESD rule violations check with user-defined constraints

  • Automatic verification of system connectivity


  • Automatic methodology for optimal power pad configuration
  • IO power pad optimization
  • Core power pad optimization
  • Efficient package design interface